The Virtual Fitting Room for Shoes:

Online shoes retailers need tools for the shoppers to be comfortable to buy more shoes online – the tools that will affect their bottom line by drastically reducing returns and increasing shopper's positive experience and sales.

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Advanced 3D viewing technology at the core of product

  • The extremely fast and scalable 3D proprietary algorithms developed by US and Russian mathematicians allow for real time data processing.
  • Different shoe designs and fabrics could be mapped onto shoppers' feet.
  • Fittany's user-friendly interface offers several simple methods to specify personal foot parameters.
  • Based on orthopedic data proprietary algorithms calculate personal fit.

Sophisticated Data Analytics

  • Fittany analyses retailors' data and suggests the footwear from retailers site that fits the shopper.
  • Using Fittany's technology and data analytics shoe retailers can offer a better, more personalized service to their customers.